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“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.”

The term TEAM BUILDING reminds me of the example of Pokémon where a person often says that Pokémon player’s success is determined by three things: Team Building, their luck, and their ability to battle against others force. Team Building gets stronger when some motivating factors are attached to it. Every individual has a certain belief that they must feel motivated to perform the best in their work place. When every member of the group with similar attitudes, interest and taste come together to work for a same objective, a team is formed and for the functioning of the team, every individual has to contribute equally and performs level best to meet the team targets, and will achieve success, then strong team building is formed.

When we talk about the team building then it is viable to mention the example of Indian Force who sacrifices their life for their country. This becomes possible when the team works altogether with a strong motive that they will protect their country anyhow. From the business perspective, team building can be of two types – internal and external.



An internal team is formed within the employees informally when their personal desires and wants matches with others. On the other side external formation of team building it represents that a team is formed under one head for specific projects within the company.

In some of the workplace due to some factor team building is under vine. For example, if the members of the team which have assigned to any specific project by the organization are concerned about the diversity among them, jealousy with other colleagues due to their promotion then proper team building can’t be formed. Strong team building can be seen in various places in various forms such as how doctors with his/her assistants operate the patient in Operation theater and the operation gets successful due to strong team building.

So, if anyone wants to understand team building then they must be aware of the story of jute where it has been shown how a single stick can be broken by anyone but if it is in a bundle then no one can break it. The same thing should be applied when someone is forming a team for getting any work done successfully as we now know that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

Sudeshna Deb
PGDM 2nd year
2012 – 2014



  1. nicely encrypted… 🙂

  2. juli debbarma says:

    well said

  3. Dushyant says:

    good thought…nicely presented

  4. Success is never individual..its always teamwork,, Nicely Written

  5. Imalisa Pal says:

    Good one … keep it up

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