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Communication skills in the workplace – makes a bullish personality



May 2013
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Communication plays a vital role for success in the workplace. It deals with customers or vendors and the co-workers of the company. The most common ways to communicate are spoken words, visual images, written words and body languages etc.

Communication is interchanging the information, ideas and attitudes from one person to others. Communication is the process of meaningful interaction among human beings. By one changing the word order in a sentence, you can change its meaning, and make it meaningless.


  •      I eat rice only.
  •      I only eat rice.

So, we say that the communication is the nerve center of business now-a-days. Several surveys conducted among people who have success in their professions and have indicated that communication skills are more required for job success than subjects taken for study. Most important thing is that communication makes sense of technology and to manage all the things. For example, today’s world new software are used but to explain with the workers new computer program or software communication is compulsory even computers can perform regular tasks, jobs like responding to customers’ needs and wants require a high range of communication skills. The pros of better communication skills is that increase the awareness of organizational goals and teamwork, built the sycophant relationships within the employer-employee, resolve conflicts  between co-workers, improved  the performance of the organization and it helps to stronger link between managers and external audience such as customers, bankers, government, media, and suppliers to a better break the ice.

The good communication has lots of pros but lack of communication in the workplace does create conflicts. Develop communication skills need to be focused on future problem solving rather than getting stuck in proving a conviction for past problems. Someone said that the winners of arguments never always win, because consistent losers never forget that. So it’s important to have communication skills but side by side it reminds that communication skills are used for the outputs of the organization, not for enemies seeking revenge.

There are two forms of communication in an organization. One is oral form and another is in written form.

Oral forms

  • Telephonic Talk
  • Seminars
  • Meetings
  • Face to face interaction
  • Instructions
  • Interviews (employment/press)
  • Presentations
  • Video conferences
  • Group discussion

Written Forms

  • Letters
  • E-mails
  • Faxes
  • Notices
  • Newsletters
  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Research papers
  • Brochures
  • Manuals
  • In-house journals

The oral communication is very much in use at the organization. The most important thing is to remain professional rather than any communicating method used in the workplace. Given the chance to speak to everyone and don’t take part in workplace gossip. The best way you are able to give your thoughts and ideas, will make you a good communicator.

When it comes to talk about the communication skills it is always in the upward direction. The more you practice by interacting with others, the better you do and the better you are at communicating, it will be easier to do your job and work with the others in making the work more enjoyable, and become a more successful employee, be a bullish (confident and optimal) person.

Key Words

  • Communication
  • Workplace
  • Employees
  • Technology
  • Teamwork

Apurba Bhatta
United World School of Business
PGDM, 1st year



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