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May 2013
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India got independence in 1947 and still we are fighting for basic needs such as roti, kapda, makan …oh sorry the basic needs have changed in to roti , kapda , makan , sanitation,  education and health care. Our thought has been crossed 66 years of independence, but we are still among the developing nations of the world. We simply don’t have a proper mechanism to get the best person for the most responsible jobs in the country especially in the political arena. The lack of money leads to a lot of problems, many could not get into good colleges and good jobs. We need to get rich and fast.  Yes, there is a lot of talk about India being a young nation and on the power of youth. However, youth power is the biggest legend going around India right now. Of course they can spend a considerable amount of money in buying a hell lot of Sim cards, fizzy drinks, sneakers, fast foods to keep many MNCs in business. But we don’t have the power to change things. Can the youth get a new college setup?


Commercialization of education has become prevalent nowadays, however when it comes to education, a sense of ethics and quality is needed. According to the Hindu mythology the deity of education is Goddess Saraswati, but women still in this century are prohibited against getting an education. Gang rapes, female foeticides, eve-teasing, early marriages are growing like a computer virus and eating up our society.  Potholed roads, poor conditions in the government schools and poor health care are very common examples. The media buys into pointless debate and discussions and spend valuable hours by talking and discussing on those stuffs. By doing so it gives legitimacy to the whole exercise.

Why don’t they have a passionate debate about how fast they will build roads, colleges, bridges and power plants? Our sins are increasing by leaps and bounds and someday this pot of sin will explode and by that time it will be too late.

Sudeshna Deb
PGDM 2nd year



  1. incredible India…. peoples are the wealth of this country

  2. juli debbarma says:

    very motivating

  3. Good article..You threw some light upon the darkest issues which very few can actually think of.But whatever be the downfalls, we are still proud of our country..

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