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Talent v/s Attitude



May 2013
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1In simple word, talent is a capacity for achievement or success and attitude that defines as how you use that talent. So which one is more important? In an IIM more than 100 students get admission in a batch every year and those all are equally talented but at the end of the program someone successfully start career with a good job and someone fail why so? Who fails, does their talent reduce? No, here the term attitude comes. Talent helps you to get a good stage but from there how much you go further that’s depends on your attitude.

UntitledA major part of excellence is nothing to do with talent and a course of time when you will go a certain level ability and talent is most useless to posses. It’s what you do with the talent that matters. Beyond the point it is attitude which that counts far more than talent because talent brings an ego and talent not solves any problem beyond a point. There is so many young cricketer who are extremely talented who the moment they face the road block, they do not know what to do because they have never had straggle to succeed, they always use talent to succeed. Vinod Kambli is the example, when he faces the bounce ball 1st in Bombay he was 22 years old. Do you know what he do? He did not play test match after that. It was his last test match at 22 years old for just did not know how to play bouncing boll because talent has solved for him before.

2Sachin Tendulkar played 55 days contentiously when he was 14 years old. He played two hours take a rest and again played 2 hour. He facing lots of injuries, stay away from good form, but never give up. He fall down and again bounce back and still now also he is playing like an 18 years old boy and it is his attitude

There is some company who before recruiting you, they will see your career record and if you never failed they will not pick you. Do you know why? They pick people who fail and bounce back and here attitude comes out.

What is excellence being in top 10% in your profession? In top, 10% are equally talented and so where is your USP? What you do with the talent that counts.

Successful people have some good attitude traits like – An attitude to look the situation from multiple dimensions, An attitude to never give up, An attitude to continuously identifying their mistakes and findings way to improve it, An attitude to be a part of solution instead of a complaining attitude, An attitude to find things in every human beings, An attitude to love and respect, An attitude to find opportunity in success, An attitude to have faith in oneself and in GOD, An attitude to believe in something creative, and An attitude of introspecting etc…

No matter how much talented you are and if you are less talented it’s not your fault but with a positive attitude you can achieve what you want.

“If someone is very talented, but no attitude, it’s of no use. But an averagely talented person with nice attitude can prove extra ordinary”-Unknown Quote

Joy Saha
PGDM 1st year 2012-14
Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad



  1. Prof. Virag Shah says:

    Talent is in born , it is not necessary that you find talent in every person . But yes attitude towards life and towards situation decides , what’s next will happen with you.

  2. Truly talent & attitude gos hand-in-hand

  3. Apoorva22 says:

    Nice work..Keep it up

  4. sushmita saha says:

    really nice…

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