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May 2013
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“A brand is a personification of a product, service, or even entire company”– Robert Blanchard

It has been researched that humans judge in their subconscious mind within the first 90 seconds of viewing environment, person or a product for the first time and color plays the most important role in the assessment of an individual. Therefore, the color of a product is very essential for it becomes a brand. The color symbolizes the identity of the product and also helps in changing the perception of an individual towards that particular product. But it is also important to choose the right color for your product as different colors have different meaning and portrays an image.

Red color symbolizes passion, love, power, excitement, rebel, dominance etc. Coca Cola is one of the most powerful brands which uses the red color to show its dominance in the world market when it comes to the beverage industry.

Green color symbolizes growth, nature, money, trust, etc. Star bucks is one of the world renowned brands which use the color green. It shows about their fair policies and trading of the coffee products. On the other hand Garnier Fruitrics also uses a green color to symbolize strength and growth by the usage of their products for hair.

The purple color symbolizes quality, elegance, vanity luxury, etc. Cadbury uses purple color of its products to show the high quality and also to show elegance involved in using its products.

The yellow color symbolizes happiness, cheerful. Fun, friendly, etc. McDonald’s is one of the powerful brands which use yellow color, as it is also the most visible color during the day. It helps McDonalds to create an identity of being happy with family or friends whenever anyone enters it.


Blue symbolizes trust, royal, progress, etc. social networking sites like Facebook, twitter use blue as their primary color. It is a very serene color and can be compared to calmness, but it is important to use the right shade of the color or the brand may appear cold and unapproachable.

There are some brands like Google, windows and eBay who does not associate themselves with a single color; therefore, they choose three to four colors to represent their brand. It is very important to understand the importance of any individual color before using it in your brand, because color changes the perception of the potential customer about the particular brand.  The color and its tone are chosen keeping in mind the target audience.

Harsh Saini
Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad
(PGDM – 1st yr)


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