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Why study at Unitedworld Institute of Design?



May 2013
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Unitedworld Institute of Design offers a complete Bachelor course in fashion designing, lifestyle and accessory design, product design, interior design, visual communication and graphics with an aim to provide an endless opening to a broader realm of any courses not only in Ahmedabad or Kolkata  but also in India and Internationally. Below will discuss about the programs and their career aspects which are provides by Unitedworld institute of design:

Fashion design:

3A fashion designer creates clothing including dresses, pants, suits, skirts, and accessories such as shoes for consumers. One can focus in clothing, jewelry or accessory design and sometimes some of designers work in all three areas. Another area of that is costume design for those who want to create wardrobes for television, theater productions and movie.

A fashion designer’s tasks include:

  • Coordinating and directing people who draw and cut patterns and construct samples or finished garments.
  • Examining sample clothes on and off models then modifying their styles to attain the desired effects.
  • Sketching rough and elaborated drawings of attire or accessories, and writing specifications like color schemes, construction, material varieties and accent necessities.
  • Communicating with sales and management executives or with shoppers so as to discuss design concepts.
  • Choosing target markets for designs by looking at factors such as gender, age and socioeconomic standards.
  • Presenting on fashion shows and reviewing trade magazines so as to assemble info concerning fashion trends and client preferences.
  • Identifying materials and production techniques to be used for merchandise

Lifestyle and accessory design:

4An accessory designer is usually chargeable for developing, conceptualizing and making styles of jewelry items, hats, handbags, gloves, belts, scarves, shoes or different things which will be accustomed complement consumer goods apparels.

If you’re inventive, curious, and classy and have enough vim to translate your ideas into high fashion accessories, then a career in accent planning could also be your stuff. It’s required Personal Skills:

  • Have a nice sense of color and textures.
  • Have outstanding inventive expressions.
  • Should be cool and be ready to grasp the ideas.
  • Outstanding designing skills.
  • Knowledge in computer assisted designs.
  • Excellent promoting and advertising skills.
  • Ready to take the stress and meet the deadlines.
  • Accessory designer must have lots of patience and determination to achieve the career.

Product design:

5Product designers have a large influence on the function, forms and elegance of the many of the objects we have a tendency to use in our daily lives everything from kettles to telephones to televisions additionally as making way more specialist product, like medical instrumentation.

Product designers work with the several numbers of disciplines which are connected to the product development process. Associated areas of study include: Industrial style, automotive design, Product design technology, Product design innovation, Product design management, Product design engineering, Ergonomics, Furniture design, Product design manufacturing, model creating, and Cabinet production.

 The common tasks of the designer – like interpreting and developing briefs, understanding a client’s business and manufacturing and presenting concepts and tasks in product design is   probably going to include following tasks and functions:

  • Developing ideas with a robust plan of however they could be made.
  • Modeling, Sketching and prototyping concepts – digitally and physically.
  • Choosing totally different materials, their cost and properties.
  • Implementing totally different production strategies.
  • Working on a strategic level with customer.
  • Manage multiple comes with multiple stages, as well as budgeting and cost accounting.
  • Teamwork and communication skills.

Interior Design:


Interior designers are artistic, originative and inventive. They need disciplined, skilled and disciplined business people. Interior designers work with clients and different style professionals to develop design solutions. Interior design becomes a key to Success through three things: Artistic and Technical needs, Management Strategies, Interpersonal Communications.

Interior designers should have glorious time and project management talents since they regularly work on quite one project at a time beneath difficult deadlines. Interior designers should perceive business coming up with, and that they got to confidence to sell their concepts to clients to produce informative and persuasive proposals and displays, and maintain sensible shopper relationships.

Visual communication and graphics:


From writing paper to magazines and packaging to the multimedia system, graphic designers have a range of career choices and marketable skills.

Graphic style work is artistic, fast and on-demand by most businesses is ready to assist you enter this growing field additionally to style expertise and program understanding, you will gain advanced computers  skills, develop a portfolio and apply job-seeking techniques. This program for you only if you have passion about:

  • Inventive and artistic in making in an exceedingly form of mediums.
  • Prefer to work in fast, artistic environments.
  • Familiar and enjoy to operating with computers and new technologies.
  • Loving advertisements and wish to form your art seen.

Visual communications graduates generally pursue careers as graphic artists in firms and personal style studios, advertising and promoting agencies, magazine, newspapers and book publishers, interactive media and web design studios.

    Apurba Bhatta
Unitedworld School of Business
PGDM, 1st year


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  1. Adil Ahemad says:

    The blog is very informative wlci offers graphic design courses for graduate and undergraduate also offering graphic design courses.

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