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For confidence change yourself-can change your life



May 2013
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1Confidence-like being rich – its one thing we expect everybody else is however us. People feeling insecure regarding themselves is maybe the common issues of humanity. Many of us have tendency to judge ourselves or how well we doing our work in life by what society thinks.


We need to simply accept ourselves, love ourselves and be pleased with who we are as people. We were valued for just being people and being in this world. People often believe we must continually try to prove to other people that we are valuable of them and on the same level as them. We need to change ourselves by increasing confidence to change our life. For that must be:

  • Doing what we believe to be right, even if others mock or criticize you for it.
  • Being ready to take risks and go the more miles to achieve better things.
  • Confessing our mistakes, and learning from them.
  • Praise our own virtues as often as possible to as many people as possible rather than waiting for others to congratulate.
  • Accepting compliments politely rather than using dismissing compliments rudely.

So here are our some steps to building self-confidence, for which we’ll prepare for our journey, setting out, and accelerating towards success.

  1. Grooming, dress for success and good posture: works for a confident person is his or her personal hygiene. Start from hair, face, body, fingers, teeth and skin- keep them clean and well maintained. Eat the right food and drinking water. All are helping to look best or effective way to act best. Good posture has an instant and permanent impact on your confidence. Dressing well and appropriately can do wonders for one’s self respect.
  2. Knowledgeable yourself: Knowledge almost always improves self-confidence. Empower yourself with knowledge — of surroundings, of job, of people, and of the world around you. A good grab of current events helps you strike up meaningful conversation and ensures that you’re not left out.
  3. Satisfy on what you have: many people losing the confidence just because they aren’t satisfied what they have. They hate what they see in mirror, hate what they see in their home, hate how they treated outside, hate their dresses and the vehicle they have, hate their life style, in most of the cases they lack cash that’s why they are not confident. For them its required to work hard believe on God, pray and give hope to yourself, don’t be worry about what others have satisfy on what you have. Live positive and think positive.
  4. Live in present: Present means focusing on present giving privilege to present; we need to forget about past or future, forget mistakes and get rid of our future worries and expectations. Enjoy the life of present as much as you can.
  5. Make some rules and regulations to live life and being social: Rules and regulations are much important in life; if we can adopt some set of principles in our life then we have much more chances to get what we wants and have more potential to live like a successful and honorable person. When we meet new people, interact with different type of persons will be able to know how to handle different people, it gives us confidence that we have met with many.

    Apurba Bhatta
United world school of business
PGDM, 1st year


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