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Online video locate a new way to consume, create and distribute content.



May 2013
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“Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [And] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us.” – Dan Patterson,

 UntitledIndia stands 3rd position in video consumption and 4th in globally watching videos online on mobile. India ranks 4th in the world and when it comes to unique viewer’s video content. India exceeds by 21% of the global population in online video consumption. There is a high level of interaction and flexibility in viewing as well as sharing. India is 3rd in watching videos at work and 85 % of video viewing happens from offices. Despite low penetration, sites like YouTube is the 5th most traffic site as well as 11th biggest TV channel in India.

The most popular content is viewed online:

1.    TV series/soaps:
•    Shows that are not aired in India
•    To watch missed episodes
•    Repeat viewing.
(Popular channels are:  ZeeTV, ZoomTV, Colors TV, Star Plus, and MTV).

2.    Movies:
•    Trailers
•    Lot of regional language content
•    Popular movies
•    Repeat viewing
•    Songs along with videos.

3.    Advertisements:
•    Cost effective
•    Better ROI
•    Better Brand Recall
•    Online video advertisements

4.    Sports:
•    Repeat viewing
•    Missed games
•    Sports news and Commentaries
•    Score cards (Channels: ESPN STAR, IndiaTV, NDTV, Ten sports)

5.    News:
•    Live news
•    Re watch
•    Search for specific news

Why online video?

•    Available to Watch Anytime, Anywhere:
With the arrival of on-line video things were up and out there to look at whenever you felt love it, and for the foremost half weren’t going anyplace, due to the ad revenue system, folks can be earning cash any time and views will watch content any time.
•    Content in the Hands of Creators :
YouTube,, Vimeo e.t.c. all have the ability to upload videos now people can put their comment online with only their view count to determine if someone likes their content. People who have great, unconventional ideas for that TV Network execs is completely out of touch with the viewing audience.
•    No Wasted Hours of Programming:
With such a big amount of individuals shows were watched. That left roughly seven eighths of the day nearly fully wasted airtime, resulting in some individuals being forced to miss their second favorite show once it clashed with their favorite. Now, they are on-line all the time, in order that they watch any time they need.
•    Competition Becomes Collaboration:
There was once competition for ratings between shows currently becomes collaboration between them. They assist one another out, collaborate on numerous things and work along for his or her mutual profit.
•    User interaction:
Despite the very fact that in YouTube comment boxes you’ll be able to notice the bottom varieties of human scum and objectionable drivel. Comment boxes offer how for fans and creators to move with one another on A level that merely wasn’t offered with regular TV. It is the power of social media at its finest, individuals interacting on-line with one another.

     Apurba Bhatta
United world school of Business
PGDM, 1st year


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