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How to crack GDPI for MBA



May 2013
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UntitledIn India most of the good MBA colleges conduct GDPI for MBA admission & if you thinking about to get admission in one of those college then it is compulsory to crack the GDPI. Most of the students who are from general graduate background have less idea & more fear about GDPI. But as it is important, so question arises how to crack it? It is not too tuff just needs to practice, hard work and follow some steps.

Group Discussion simply means discussion among 10 to 12 group members. It is totally a different discussion which people generally do with friends, classmates, and between family members. It is a formal communication between group members where candidate’s communication skills, analytical skills, leadership trait all these things are judge. Most of the students have fear about the GD, for them contentious practicing is the best solution.

What to do in GD?    Untitled1

  1. Start talking by introducing yourself & speaking should be in concise manner.
  2. Addressing everyone in a group while speaking & maintain good eye contact.
  3. Engage all group members in the GD & if someone not speaking, encourage them to speak.
  4. Use formal language & dress formally.
  5. Don’t tell other directly that you are wrong. Speak like you may right but what I feel ….& give a solid logical answer and also listen other point of view like what all of you feel about the mater.
  6. If you disagree with any answer, show your disagree with the point not to the person.
  7. Take initiative to end up the discussion.

Need to avoid in GDUntitled3

  1. Argue with the topic
  2. Shaking legs
  3. Playing with the tie
  4. Slouching with the chair

For practicing, read news paper, books, current affair for gathering knowledge. To avoid fear, contentiously practice GD with your friends at home, this will increase your confidence level and also improve fluency.

In personal interview interviewer will judge your confidence level & basic knowledge. Prepare some common question like

  1. Tell something about yourself. Untitled4
  2. Why MBA?
  3. Your strength & weaknesses.
  4. Five years down the line
  5. Interest & hobby
  6. Some basic question relates to your subject.

Accept this question & answer some other things also need to be done like ask permission before enter the in the interview room, wish the interviewer, and keep a smile during the whole interview process.

Joy Saha
PGDM 1st year, 2012-14
Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad



  1. Prof. Virag Shah says:

    It is a wonder full information for beginners . This article will certainly help new beginners a lot to crack GD and PI for MBA admission as well as for JOB.

  2. Amit Panchal says:

    Very useful tips for MBA Students..

  3. Rajib Malakar says:

    Fantastic Article on of my favorite method of Training

  4. Good explanation…it reminds me of my GD/PI session

  5. sushmita saha says:

    good thought…

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