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Crisis may occur anytime and faced by any organization but the best part of such situation is that it provides opportunity to do things that we have not experienced earlier. Crisis can be defined as an unexpected and out of the blue event that leads to major unrest among the individuals of an organization. It is an emergency situation that disturbs the work environment and also creates instability in the organization. This kind of situation may affect an individual, group, organization and society as well on the whole. Crises triggers threat and fear among the employees of the company.


Crisis may occur due to many reasons like technological failure, breakdown of machine, violence, thefts and terrorism at the workplace, casually responding to minor issues, illegal behaviors, fraud, etc. Even if when any organization fails in making payments to its creditor’s crisis may arise. Therefore, it is very important to manage such situations. Crisis Management is the art and capability to deal or handle the sudden and unexpected situations that disturbs the smooth running schedule of any organization and external clients. Crises management is important to be implemented as because it prepares the employees to face any uncertain situation or adverse conditions without any fear. Employees will be able to analyze and understand the causes of crises and adjust with the bad situation. It will help the managers to get the early signs of crises and also direct the employees about the crises.

This will again help in finding strategies that can be implemented depending on the situation. It enables managers as well as the employees to respond in the right manner in a condition of crises. Disturbances created by crises needs to be overcome by the organization and thus organization must take steps for eradicating such unrest.  A focused approach should be adopted by taking initiative and searching out where things went wrong. Relevant and accurate information must be collected to deal with crises otherwise it may have bad affects.  Effective communication among all the departments is very essential so that all employees get motivated and give their suggestions for coping up with the situation. Everyone should know their responsibilities and roles so that they are doing the right job at the right time. One should be loyal towards their organization and avoid any unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings at the workplace.

Sudeshna Deb
PGDM 1st year
(2012 – 2014)


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