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10 way of thinking Nature by human being



May 2013
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The key to changing the way people think lies in harnessing the power of meditation to make us more ‘mindful’. We have to to clear the brain of unhealthy messages, unhelpful, impulses and drives surrounding environment and‘re-set’ ourselves and our mentality. Even if you modify one component — your language — your thoughts and feelings are modified also. This is often wherever you’ll be able to create an aware call to become a positive-thinking person by making positive speaking patterns. There is various way of thinking-


  1. ‘Life is shit’ thinking types –Everything in life is going wrong, everyone isn’t trustworthy and nothing good can ever happen to them for example “I won’t get that prize, the judge didn’t like me, and I didn’t significantly like them anyway.”
  2. ‘Never to me’ Thinking types – This is often once people suppose think that nothing smart can ever happen to them. This will be a deep seated manner of thinking and it’s a at heart inability to believe you’re warrant something smart happening to you for example “I’ll never have cash, I’ve never had it before thus I’ll never have it within the future.
  3. ‘Personalization’ – People see themselves as the reason of some negative external event which in fact they were not primarily responsible for.
  4. ‘Should, would, could’ Thinking types – This sort of person is aware of what they have to do to change their life, they’re capable and that they understand.
  5. Jumping to end – People make a negative interpretation even though there are no definite facts that persuasively support their conclusion.
  6. Emotion based thinking types – People emotions control what they are thinking and so their vision of what reality is for example “I feel unable of doing that thus I have to be powerless”.
  7. ‘It’s entire my fault’ Thinking types – Some people see themselves as being the cause for everything bad that is going on for example “It’s my mistake he left me for another lady.”
  8. ‘They’re all wrong’ Thinking types – Some people see everybody as incapable of doing something right and their way is the best things to do for example “He don’t know right, I’ll keep late tonight and fix it once he’s gone.”
  9. Disqualifying the positive – People dismiss positive experiences by insistence that they “don’t count” for a few reason or different. During this approach you’ll maintain a negative belief that’s contradicted by your everyday experiences.
  10. Mind reading – People indiscriminately conclude that somebody is reacting negatively to them, and they don’t bother to check this out.

    Apurba Bhatta
Unitedworld school of Business
PGDM, 1st year


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