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May 2013
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Impression management is that the deliberate ‘bending’ of the reality is to create a positive impression. Managing impression includes deliberate use of any or all of:

  • Dress, make-up, hairstyle and alternative management of visual look.
  • Manner and general behavior, like being pleasant, assertive, and so on.
  • Managing visual communication to hide anxieties or untruths and show openness, etc.
  • Being economic with the reality, not telling lies however conjointly not revealing the complete truth.
  • Complete fabrication of things that cause you to look smart.
  • Rejection of negative factors that cause you to look dangerous.


More about impression management:

To some extent, we tend to are perpetually managing impressions of others in most social circumstances and in fact we wish to seem smart in interviews. But there are two questions that will be asked:

  • The extent to that it’s moral and acceptable, each socially and for the interviewers.
  • The extent to that it’s effective. A lot of impression management doesn’t essentially mean an improved impression is gained.

Impression management not solely happens, it’s expected to happen. This could cause a perplexity wherever the asker either marks you down for not managing impression sufficiently (for example not being good enough or not being assertive enough) or managing it an excessive amount of (low-cut dresses, boasting, and exaggeration).

A particular perplexity is wherever the asker expects a definite degree of exaggeration or fabrication and downgrades what everybody says. If you’re truthful and everybody else exaggerates, then you’ll lose out.

The truth of the story (as analysis has shown) is that what they think about you as someone incorporates an astonishingly vital impact on whether you get the work, and maybe lot of vital even than qualifications and knowledge.

Research has conjointly shown that if you have been embarrassed, it’s appropriate to inform the concerning this up-front instead of delaying it, because the early admission offers an impact of openness and honesty.

The reverse is true for spectacular achievements, once it’s higher to say then later and therefore seem modest and also another fascinating characteristic.

So what to do?

Do manage the impression you create, however don’t over-do it

  • Dress tidily (e.g. suit and tie) however not over-doing it (e.g. bow tie, frock coat).
  • Show respect; however show neither aggression nor timidity.
  • Do not supply any outright lies.
  • Notice your visual communication, however don’t over-control it.
  • Show your experiences in a very positive lightweight, however don’t over-exaggerate.



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