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Women Leadership



May 2013
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Women Leadership

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He/she is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things said by Ronald Reagan. Earlier women were not even given the opportunity to study. They were engaged in doing household chores and were married at a very small age. By doing this we lost large number of talented women leaders who could have changed our place of living. It was a common belief that women cannot do business and no education is required for them. They are best at home. But this perception has been changed by some of women figures like Indira Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Chanda Kochhar, and many more. Women prove to be better leaders than that of men. Women are having a unique and different way of leading in an organization. Their skills combined with the skills of men provide organization with extraordinary benefits.

Women Leadership 2

Women leaders don’t command, they only lead. They are more concerned in making everyone feel like they are a necessary part of the team. This skill of women helps any company that is facing hard time and makes the employees more cooperative. Women communicate very effectively which can convince any person easily. The free flow of conversation of women helps in binding the team together and avoids isolation. One of the best qualities in them is to acknowledge a mistake which is actually difficult for top managers but it helps subordinate to realize that she is also a human only.

Another more significant trait in them is leading with empathy which helps in managing conflicts and is an invaluable. They have the ability to empathize with their employees. Women are more flexible thinkers than men. They think contextually and take into consideration multiple numbers of options while solving any problem. This finally results in a more thought-out process which gives innovative solutions while making any major decision of the company.

Such qualities, skills and knowledge and creative ideas are making women create competitive edge of their company and also lead from the front.

Sudeshna Deb
PGDM 1st Year (2012- 2014)


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