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Why to do MBA after BE or B-TECH?



May 2013
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Why MBA after BE-B-TECH

When you go for a job interview (assume mechanical engineer in Maruti), how would you differentiate yourself from other 10 candidate who have also the same engineering degree which you have?

After BE you acquire technical skill which require for your job but after a period when you will get promotion for a senior post, you should have other two skill i.e. conceptual & human skill. In MBA you will learn how to acquire those skills and why this skill is important. After a period when you will get promotion at a senior post or a manager, you have to deal with your subordinate employee so you need to know how to manage human resource, how to make work done by other. When you will deal with your customer you have to know about marketing, when you will deal with monetary related issue you should know about finance and also to make strategy you have to know about strategic management and operation management.

Why MBA after BE-B-TECH 1MBA degree gives you more exposure to learn different topic relates to business which you did not go through in your engineering study. This course mainly concerned with four core area i.e. Marketing, Finance, Human Resource & Operation and all subjects related to this area are taught to a candidate. When an engineer does MBA he/she always have a competitive advantage as he has good technical knowledge as well as managerial skills.

Now a day’s most of the company prefer engineer with MBA and the reason behind it is MBAs have the ability to think critically, deal with ambiguity, and can solve complex problem with less time. In automobile sector to make marketing strategy, companies prefer MBA with engineering background as because they have sound technical knowledge of an automobile.

Why MBA after BE-B-TECH 2

In MBA one acquire some non technical skill like

– Leadership quality
– Good communication skill
Analytical skills
– Convincing power
– Multitasking ability

These skills surely help to do your job in a better way, differentiate you from your competitor and at the same time it adds value which helps you to brand yourself.  After this course lots area will be open to you and making your career and also helps you to get promotion, a change to fly high in your career. After few years of job if you want to open up your own business, skills which you learn in MBA will surely help you to do the same.

Joy Saha
PGDM 1st  year, 2012-14
Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad



  1. Abhijit chakraborty says:

    that was a good display joy… rocks!!

  2. Debopriya Bhattacharya says:

    a great endeavour. must say!

  3. Prof. Virag Shah says:

    Good article , keep it up .

  4. Tinny Ray says:

    inspiration for mba good one

  5. Rajib Malakar says:

    Very Informative article.

  6. Purposeful…..very good effort

  7. sushmita saha says:

    very gud article…

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