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Art of Convincing



May 2013
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Everyone wants to convince someone regarding something: starting from the children and their parents to the shopkeeper and his customers.  The art of convincing others has its own secret, people have learnt how to transmit and attract others with their ideas. Here I am sharing eight secrets that will definitely help a person to persuade someone.

Convince yourself before:
You will not be able to convince anyone unless and until you, yourself, truly believe what you want. In order to convince someone, you have to convey your reasons which must be very clear. Always remember that you are not only transmitting the message with your speech but also your voice, your look and your whole body language speaks quietly and send messages to the other.

Be realistic:
Before you propose something, analyze the context and see if the proposal is far from reality or not. You have to understand what you ask and what you give. Parents and teachers, especially, should keep this on mind.

Do not be afraid to lose:
One of the leading problems in convincing someone is that we often mix the fear of losing a job, an opportunity of getting promoted, high incentives and many more. For this, you have to accept the risks concerned to propose something and then start the proposal.

All you can lose is the doubt:
Before suggesting what you want, guess the worst thing that could happen and find an urgent solution if it happens. For example, if you try to convince a girl to go out with you, appreciate the reality of the refusal and how you would respond if she refuses. Keep in mind that it is better to take risk than doing nothing. So all you can lose is hesitation.

Developing strategic and sincere language:
If you want to convince somebody, you need to propose several ways in order to analyze the person to whom you go and context. Use a mirror that can be supportive if it is a face-to-face proposal and try the language with which you feel comfortable. It is always preferable to be straightforward and honest.

Learn to listen:
Always give true value to other people’s reason. Do not focus only on what you want or think, but also try to listen, through which you can get an excellent deal. Avoid recommendation when you are irritated or distressed.

Be considerate:
Bear in mind to be polite and don’t dominate to convince others. It works well in listening more than talking. You know what you yearn for but it doesn’t depend on one person to happen.

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Learn to flow:
Be very specific about what you crave for in life: wealth, love, recognition, payment or any other things. If you do not come across this in a place or person, then do not get dejected. A refusal can act as a boost and put your sights on incredible height. It’s all about how you learn to surge and get convinced of what you cherished to achieve in life.


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  1. spraypaintedsoul says:

    i love it! great post hehe 🙂 glad i stumbled upon you! 🙂

    i’m writing a little about a relationship / story kind of thing on my wordpress if you’re interested in having a read?

    if you’re not it’s okay i understand! thank you anyway..

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