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Positive Attitude



April 2013
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Positive Attitude

A study carried out by Harvard University found that when a person gets a job or promotion, 85% of time depends on his attitude and only 15 % times it depends on his knowledge & experience. What this attitude actually is?

Attitude means way of thinking. How you think about yourself, your job, friends, and the rest of world. This thinking build based on your surrounding environment, past experience and education. Based on these factors if you build a positive mindset,  then you are very fortunate, but if not then you have to work hard on it otherwise this negative attitude may stuck your growth. If you want to build a positive attitude you have to follow this steps continuous basis.

Positive Attitude 21. Make a habit to focus on positive things: You should make a habit to focus on positive thing s about your life, and your surroundings. Start to look what right in a person instead of what wrong.

2. Make a habit of doing it now: We always carry a habit to do the work later and after a particular time same work make burden for us because of less time and excessive work pressure. So make a habit to do the thing right now which you think important to you. By this habit you can do the work before time, you will enjoy the work and quality of work should high

3. Engages in a continuous learning practice: Learning is a continuous process otherwise it is nothing. Here learning not means only store information but with wisdom. Learn thing which you can apply and always make open you in front of other to learn new thing from them. This way you can fill the blank of knowledge & make you more competent.

4. Built a positive self esteem: Self esteem means how you feel about you. Sometimes you may compare you with other and feel very bad. But you forget that you may some strength which other might not have. Find your strength, work on your strength and always feel good about you. By doing this you see your performance goes up, relationship improve both home and work as because there is a direct correlation between feelings and behavior.

Positive Attitude 3

5. Stay away from negative influence: It is true that when you are around with some negative influence, it must reflect in your behavior. There are some people who always find difficulties in every opportunity and some people who use to drink or smoke or may sometime force you to do the same. Find the surrounding who are hard working, motivate  you, inspire you, appreciate your work

6.Start a day with some positive: Everyday weak up in the morning with some positive thought. Write down some point in a chit of paper that what you want to do in the whole day and keep the paper with you.

If you are highly determined to built a positive attitude within you it’s not very difficult but have to practice contentiously. Practice the above activity contentious basis for next 21 days and you will see a dramatic change in your behavior.

Positive Attitude 4

Joy Saha
PGDM 1St Year 2012-14
Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad



  1. sushmita saha says:


  2. Prof. Virag Shah says:

    Remember that you are unique and no one on this planet is same as you are. So no point of comparison. Rather wasting things why something happens to me, one should focus on what to learn from the event ? Make a continuous learning attitude. Success will be yours.

  3. deepanjana88 says:

    Well said, really it helps to reconcile the contradictions in our opinions

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