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Soaking learning and lessons from life and the little simple secrets to success from the vibrant experiences of industry experts, the students and management of the UnitedWorld School of Business, Ahmedabad, swam through a successful Management Week, conducted in campus from 11-16 March 2013. The week welcomed 5 top notch industry individuals who shared their insights on various topics backed with their exceptional experiences in the business world.

Management studies globally, have over the time, proved to be the application and practical studies. Reinforcing the same, UWSB-A attempted to accomplish the same by constantly offering students a conducive, incubating environment with such practical wisdom flowing in the form of industry experts.

Every guest speaker, not only highlighted the hard facts of the business world outside campus, but also pointed out how simply and effectively young entrepreneurs and managers can prove their efficiency by learning from previously made mistakes. Additionally, guests also dropped little secrets to both professional as well as individual success. Afterall, the business world globally sharpens the edges of every gem who steps foot into the realm.

The students most certainly had a lot more than just a take-home package learning from each of these sessions. Every day was approached with greater enthusiasm and maximum grey cell activity! Absorption of wisdom was indeed at full throttle!

Here’s a sneak-peek into all the days:


Mr. Rohit Patel
Justification to your life, where you don’t get a second chance is not done unless it is flavored with Positive Attitude. This inspiring reality was what we experienced with Mr. Rohit Patel, a renowned trainer for communication, personality development, soft skills etc. who was the first speaker of the Management Week organized by Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad.

Mr. Rohit Patel took the students along with the faculty into a world of positiveness. He very beautifully made us think and to look into our self and dug out the opportunities within us. He was successful in convincing us that negative thinking is a disease and that it can only pollute your environment. He touched upon the different aspects of our Observation power, Eagerness, Visualization and Selection and again guided the same to a positive peak. His approach to Business as a logic and rational thinker provided entrepreneurs to think on their business. The example of Inaccuracy, Ignorance & Over-confidence proved a magic stick to correct us. The perceptions we carry were also challenged by the speaker and were intend to give it a more thought. All the above and many more aspects of positive thinking were presented in videos as well as text to us.

The seminar proved to be a success and Mr. Rohit Patel was successful in infusing positive strokes within us. It really took the Students, Faculty and Management into a world of positivity where we all broke out from our traditional belief and were exposed to the New Positive Approach.


Mr-Kamal-DabawalaKnowledge, skills and attitude combined with 100% dedication is all it needs to break one’s self-imposed boundaries to achieve something that looks beyond ones limits. This was the hard fact reality that Mr. Kamal Dabawala, a well-known motivator and a speaker made the audience experience and accept at Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad.He stressed on a very simple concept of ‘Timely Implementation’. He said everyone has equal opportunities, skills and knowledge but it is the one who initiates, quickly makes effort in right direction and goes beyond his own limits does something unusual to achieve his goals that is not believed by others. He convinced us that timely implementation is the key to unusual growth and success, he also convinced us to change the popular phrase of “Survival of the Fittest” to “Survival of the Fittest and the Fastest”.

He also touched upon the idea that one should look beyond ones fears and focus on the efforts and not on the outcome to achieve our goals. In a day-to-day life an individual faces hundreds of fears like fear of failure, fear of mockery, peer pressure, etc. which always bothers us more than our efforts. Size of the problem is only as big as he perceives. One must always believe in own capabilities to achieve the impossible to grow with time and maintain pace with the change.

Remember failure is not when you fall down it is when one quits to give an extra effort.


Till now what we thought of Consumers as collective in this emerging economy was actually not collective. Yes, consumer is not collective but a single personality. This is what Mr.Harish Bijoor, a renowned personality in marketing and business leadership and our guest speaker on the fourth day of the Management Week at Unitedworld School of Business was successful in infusing in us along with breaking the traditional paradigm of consumers.The way we have looked at emerging economy and again the way we all were unknown about the emerging realities stunned us. Factually, the emerging markets are the best to offer employment and that India is the hot seat of opportunities at the juncture.

His way of taking consumer as an individual changed our theory of consumers and how that is successful in making you a better brand manager. The break out from traditional way of marketing research, the demerits, realities of the same forced us to look upon the deflated results it produced and how creating a different and new marketing research methods showed us what the emerging economy wants. The examples for the same forced us to look forward for these new marketing research methods. For instance, he pointed out how the target market of consumers is not really one, by slating figures of the number of types of people a city has.

A brand domain specialist backed with years of experience in domestic and global markets, Mr. Bijoor gave the new mantra every brand manager should adopt .He suggests to break out from the old management to the new management. His extensive research on various branding arenas with facts and figures enforced the audience to visualize a new management style to adopt and implement!

Further on, he presented and linked his visions with a unique take on different concepts of youth power, mind set, behavior etc. His self-developed theory of which we got a chance to look into some of them really shook our traditional concept and infused within us the new era theory.

The best part of Mr. Harish Bijoor is that he factually took the audience into the world of emerging markets the way he wanted to – and that he accomplished with his awe-striking oration skills! In fact, this was one of the major reasons why the audiences glided with his flow of thought without difficulty. Just like his most recent published book, his interaction with the audience was in a language the young generation can connect to and apply.

It can be said that Mr. Harish Bijoor’s session bang in the middle of the grand Management Week not only provided food for the thought, but also infused lateral thinking. It made us look at the realities of the emerging markets in the truest form and also prepare for the same with the help of his little secrets.

DAY 4: Mr. Himadri SinhaMr. Himadri Sinha “WINNING MOVES”

Every management institute all over the world invites eminent personalities from the world of business to leave a mark upon the student for their future endeavors. But the bitter reality is that very few of them actually leave a serious impact on the student’s professional life. Such was a session we had on March 15, 2013 by an eminent person from the business field Mr. Himadri Sinha.
Right from the beginning, he captured the interest of the students by saying-“You are the expert, you know it all”. Since then, he left no stones unturned to motivate and inspire us. He also taught us that it is not bad to be selfish, instead one should know oneself.He also shared a short story about his conversation with Mr. Bill Gates, who shared three steps to achieve success:

Step 1: Know where you want to go.

Step 2: Know the price you have to pay to achieve your goals.

Step 3: Pay the price to achieve it.

These steps might look too easy but actually only 0.02% of the people in the world actually follow them. Thus, he inspired us to get up and walk ahead.

This session will always be etched in our memories for the significance it carried. We all hope such session would happen on a regular basis so that we can never stop learning new things. And hopefully, we all will get up and walk ahead.


A healthy mind and body most certainly is the path to success, irrespective of the field you wish to achieve success in. Mr-Anal-GajjarStanding up for this notion, Mr. Anal Gajjar, our finale speaker of the Management Week unveiled the secret to mental peace. A renowned physical trainer and practitioner, Mr. Gajjar highlighted the importance of keeping mentally calm en route a successful career. Right from yoga asanas to keep fit, to the right postures of sitting and sleeping to the healing of our chakras to keep a balance in life, Mr. Gajjar took students and the management through a wave of experiences.

Of course, material success does not account for true success at the end of the day. One ought to live and breathe healthy to carry on the walks of this hard life with great ease and sincerity. So, at the end of the insightful Management Week, learning the ‘live-healthy’ ways of life from Mr. Gajjar was rejuvenating. Apart from sharing his experiences and secrets, he also took questions from the audience regarding the various ailments we suffer and how simple remedies and right postures with a couple of yoga asanas can set the ailment right, without hardcore medications!


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