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INSPIRATION – Motives of the UWSB teachers



April 2013
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“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, that the arts of living well.”

― Aristotle

Our class was started at the month of July and our batch strength was one hundred and eighty. For teachers is not easy to handle one hundred and eighty students at a time, then also they handled us so efficiently. Only good teachers make the good institute. One thing I agree! As much as parents are responsible for budding culture and education for us, the individual development of everyone comes under the guidance of a teacher’s responsibility towards the society. They find expression in the personalities of every students and the way they conduct themselves in various walks of their lives. That is phenomenon what we call as an INSPIRATION. All teachers of this institute convey valuable life lessons to us, but this is for who manage to do by making students absorb all the wisdom and less mugging up of knowledge as possible. These are the ones that are truly looked up to. the best teacher is one who can awaken students, an eternal thirst for knowledge and kill any inkling of inhibition in them that keeps them from asking questions. UWSB teachers are very helpful and try hard to wake up students and help to let them understand the real world. This is the greatest importance of a teacher that they should show students the way to accumulate knowledge, rather than as a substitute of serving it to them on a platter.

Motives of the UWSB teachers

When I put the first step in the Unitedworld School of Business campus, I am just amused because everything was new to me. My father left me here alone at campus after three days. The new classes started at 2nd July and that day we first interacted with our teachers, after interaction, I felt quite comfortable, teachers were above par my expectation and friendly or just good with us. Not only that they helped me all over the first semester as I am a student of the non-commerce background and most of the subjects was related to commerce, well guidance from teachers I get through this semester.

Motives of the UWSB teachers 2

A teacher can be our parent when we need support, a friend when you need a shoulder to cry on, and a critic when we are going the wrong way. Every individual has experienced with some or the other qualities of a teacher which taught us a lesson about life. The best teachers teach us to stay away from the wrong things and make the right choices, which are the best for our life. Even though the importance of teachers in our lives doesn’t need to be told, they are few parts of our lives, which only teachers can manipulate. A true teacher can be an inspiration to millions without even knowing it.

Apurba Bhatta
Unitedworld school of business
PGDM, 1st year


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