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Hostel life of Unitedworld School of Business – Ahmedabad



April 2013
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“Unitedworld School of business – Ahmedabad” is the awesome campus which provides natural environment along with big playground. Students of UWSB basically the hostelites are enjoying more than campus life because at night campus looks nothing less than heaven. Many students live in hostels it’s a combination of three difference category of students like dental, design and MBA students. My journey towards my hostel life starts in the month of July when I joined this beautiful campus. Here we live a kind of life which is different from our life at home. This life to stay in hostel is known as hostel life.

Hostel life of Unitedworld School of Business - Ahmedabad

We living in hostel lead a very regular life and also very punctual in our daily duties. We get up at right time. We bathe at right time. We pray to God at right time. We come back to hostel at right time. We sit for lunch, dinner and breakfast at right times. We sup and sleep at right times. So, we are busy from 6 A.M. to 11 P.M. in a very regular and punctual manner. In Gujarat, the Ahmedabad Campus offers best Cafeteria where we can enjoy our favorite food with our friends. It has part hostels for boys, girls and even faculty quarters that facilitate place for outsiders and Cafeteria in between the boys and girls hostel. The Wi-Fi Enabled Campus provides cool and calm environment to students that is good for academic and any other creative activities. The serenity surrounding of Unitedworld School of Business is very helpful for any creativity and academic activities.

Hostel life of Unitedworld School of Business - Ahmedabad 2

The mess of the hostel is directly managed by the inmates and at the end of three month they hold a meeting, discuss the mess-accounts. We eat the foods of general nature. But at the weekends that are Saturdays and Sundays they make feasts and picnics and eat with a happier mood. On holidays and holy days, we go back home or make merry with pomp and ceremony.

Living in hostel can be very exciting for those who can survive it. The inmates get better facility for study through discussion in a hostel than in any other place. Here they learn discipline through the strictness of rules and through mutual adjustment and co-operation. The cons of hostel life these are due to some unruly inmates or by some undeserving Superintendents or to both the sides. Lack of important necessities and necessary provisions bears a very awful effect on hostel discipline. Lastly, I can say that in a hostel, students are from different families, different place, different tastes and climate happen to live together. Here we sink down our differences and try to adjust with one another and learn how to live successfully in a large society after they leave our college. Here only we learn how to live a corporate life with full sympathy and co-operation. So the bottom line is that the hostel life is a best life no doubt.



  1. paromita ghosh says:

    am proud to b a part of this institute…..i am one of the uswbian..!!

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