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First step towards Corporate World



April 2013
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Attending college life is one of the stages of life and a significant turning point for the young generation. It is as important as we get a job or get married to someone. It was around 6 o’clock in the evening when I put my best leg first in Unitedworld campus with my eyes filled with excitement, hopes and desires. My mind was full of creativity and innovations and my heart filled with dedication towards learning. The campus was flourished with new talent. A mixture of all cultures and languages were present there, gossiping with each other. I entered my new room in the hostel where I will be spending my next two years. It was like a new home for me from that day. I was very excited for my classes to begin.

First step towards Corporate World

The next morning was completely a different one. I entered the red auditorium at sharp 9:30am where the future managers were full of enthusiasm. We started making connections from the very first day. Interacting with fresh faces and knowing about their language and culture was a good experience for everyone. We interacted with our seniors who gave us an overall picture of the campus, faculties, class schedules etc. my first day started by hearing some legends. Their lectures geared us up, inspired and injected motivation and spirit in our blood. There were near about 170 students in the auditorium and everyone introduced themselves one by one about their past experiences and their hobbies. We were given very interesting activities to do. The first half of the day went on listening new-fangled things from the dignitaries. At 1:30pm, we all moved towards the campus canteen for having lunch. I found many students interacting with faculties even during the lunch break. People were hungry to grasp all knowledge from the faculties. In the second half we came to understand about another new thing movie analysis. It was a day of learning for all. The evening went on exploring the whole campus. Its serene beauty and the soothing environment are best for any student to concentrate in their studies. At night we all girls shared our thoughts and about the whole day experience at night with each other and also was learning about Ahmedabad, its language, festivals, their food etc.

First step towards Corporate World 2

Though the whole day passed on exploring the world of Unitedworld, interacting with different peoples and enjoying but somewhere everyone was missing their home and their parents. But we should not forget that every coin has two sides and to get something in your life you have to sacrifice something.

Sudeshna Deb
PGDM 1st Year
Unitedworld School of Business
Ahmedabad Campus


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