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“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English–but are great in remembering signs”
– Karl Lagerfeld

Often it has been found that people get confused between Logo and branding. In reality Logo is a unique symbol, graphic design, and stylized name or any distinctive sign that is created for giving identity to their organization. Logos are a common that is used by the company in the branding process. Corporate logos are projected to be the “face” of a company. For example, worlds no. 1 brand ‘Apple’ is using a stylized image of an apple with a bite taken out from one side.

Companies spend a huge amount of their capital in designing a logo. It is a better way taken up by the companies to remind customers about their brand existence. One reason of designing and displaying a logo is that a logo helps in making a business further more. While designing a logo companies design some principles so that their logo appears as a different and innovative one. Good logos should be exclusive and graspable to potential customers. A mix of colors, visual elements and typography is used for designing a logo. Basically, a logo needs to convey some information about the company or industry. One of the reasons why logos are vital can be explained with the instance of a person who visits a new place and searches restaurants to have food; logos of restaurants that are familiar to him tend to stand out. Therefore, logos help in visibility of any brand or product everywhere.


Secondly, logo helps to remind a company in an easier way than that of product name by the customers. A familiar logo gives a boost in company’s sale and also gives an additional benefit as well. This is because of the reason that it leads to associate a company logo with quality by the customers. Thirdly, the distinct feature of logo helps to differentiate your products from competitors and new entrants of the same industry. Uniqueness in logo helps the customers to identify the brand faster. Logos and brands are very important to establish relationships with new customers. A professional logo design conveys a feeling of trust which is a big reason for which customers are loyal towards your brand. Therefore, it can be said that logo and branding works hand in hand. Logo design is detrimental to sales of a company especially to the new entrants. Investing in designing a logo reaps a pool of benefits for the companies indeed.

Sudeshna Deb

PGDM 1st year

Unitedworld School of Business




  1. Dwaipayan Das says:

    great, it gives the in-depth understanding about this two hot subjects!
    business is all about branding and positioning… (y)

  2. Niraj says:

    What is the future of the logo in the digital world?

    • wordlens says:

      digital tools are holding great importance in the matter of designing a logo. customers perceptions are changing and now they want more catchy and graphics added to the logos. therefore, usage of tools from digital world is required in a large amount. social media is another tool of digital world which is helping your company to make customers know about the company’s existence. it is the cheapest and fastest way to do anything.

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