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Networking with social media



April 2013
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“Networking“ one single word but that single word has a ability to connect with the whole world just by some clicks, yes I am talking about social networks like  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Email and so on. Networking is basically for establishing relationships that helps to get valuable feedback and also allow us to make educated decisions. The most important thing is that it’s a key to gaining information, increasing visibility towards our field and establishing personal connections that will help us to move forward in our career. The increasing social media networking hasn’t changed the fact that successful people can get even further ahead based on the strength of their networks.  Moreover, social media gives us the power to connect with people whom you would never have the opportunity to contact with in the physical world.

Social media includes discovering, connecting, and engaging with new people of interest. But most people are does not know how to built a connection clearly and effectively without wasting people’s time.

Social MediaFor an example, our college (Unitedworld School of Business) also helps us to discover, connect, engage with the management guru’s and well known persons (Like Mr. Narayan Rao, Mr. Rohit Patel, Mr. R.K Chopra, Mr. Kamal Dabawala, Mr. Harish Bijoor, Mr. Himadri Sinha, Mr. Anal Gajjar, Mrs. Sunita William etc.) through lectures therefore students are more encouraged to increase networking their sites by social media. It’s a very big opportunity for us to connect with them as well as for our juniors of UWSB.

High level individuals and social media sites mostly prefer the big ones like Facebook and LinkedIn. LinkedIn helps in building connections with professionals and thousands of people in our industry or related ones and facebook also increase connection with people but comparatively less professionally then the LinkedIn. Before contacting someone in social media it’s required to do some research because now a day’s social media are mostly misused. Find any person’s preferred communication channel. If those person have a website, check out their contact page see if they encourage people to contact them in a particular way, and follow their suggestion and then try to connect. Many people dislike networking because they think asking a veritable stranger for help is an imposition. But if we are able to approach them in a right way then they are definitely connect you.

Whether we are wanting to meeting people online or offline, it’s important to prepare for networking conversations in advance by considering what we need from the contact. But make sure that the planned request is reasonable, considering to barely know the person.

Apurba Bhatta

Unitedworld School of Business

PGDM, 1st Year


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