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VISIONARY GURUJI SHRI G. NARAYANA at Unitedworld School of Business – Ahmedabad



March 2013
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Amidst the scurry of academics and hard work, Guruji Shri G. Narayan proved to be a fresh wave of thought, insight and introspection. On the 27th February, 2013, the students and management of the UWSB-A experienced an enriching ride of management ideologies explained with a golden spoon – the Indian wisdom. What would be better than understanding management than from our own roots.

VISIONARY GURUJI SHRI G. NARAYANAThis proved to be specifically true when Guruji, with his smile and warmth of acceptance, enlightened us with core management understanding, especially leadership, with the help of our rich ancient Indian wisdom. Igniting his talk with the comparison of God, human and devil’s perception of ambiguity, he straight away pointed out the learning of each of their percepts – kindness, karma and killing respectively. Further driving into his talks Lord Krishna, Arjuna, Yudhistr and Dronacharya, he explained how one can be an effective leader and motivate his team to be leaders in themselves. Plus, there was a beautiful personification of learning about leadership by metaphorizing it with the palm.

VISIONARY GURUJI SHRI G. NARAYANA 2A fierce believer in action and experiential realization, Guruji further motivated the audience to act upon things in life. He says, “There is nothing called trying. You can either do it, or you cannot do it”. And this he very simply yet effectively demonstrated with simple activities. It is indeed his revelations gained through his extensive learning in Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Dhammapada, Bible, Quran,Tao, Zen, Jainism, other teachings that he emoted the most insightful facts of life in the most simplest language possible.

VISIONARY GURUJI SHRI G. NARAYANA 5Enthralling the entire audience, and sparing none literally, Guruji had everyone captivated with his simplicity, humility and grace. He truly is a friend, philosopher, guide and teacher – someone with whom hours would seem like minutes, courtesy his unique stories which leave a moral.

It was through his talks that students and present management were urged to experience higher level understanding of not only management concepts, but also lateral thinking of our own scriptures. This further lead us to experience the inner light of our potential (which he says we all are born with – anant shakti).


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