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How to select a good MBA Institute?



March 2013
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MBA is a course which has gained a lot of popularity among youngsters these days. The growth of business and globalization are the main reason for the widespread demand of MBA candidates throughout the world. Observing this sudden change in the world of business, a lot of youngsters who were attracted towards other professional courses turned their direction and attention towards Management courses during the recent years. Demand for fresh as well as experienced MBA holders rose more than ever and today, the young generation has fully understood the potentials of having an MBA certificate.

Though students are well aware of the positive factors of having MBA, they are all the more confused on the part of choosing the right MBA institute for their course. In every nook and corner, we can find advertisements on institutes giving courses on MBA. But it has turned out to be a difficult affair to choose the right one out.

College Accreditation or Recognition

Before joining a college for MBA,one has to check whether the college is an accredited one.Accreditation is a certificate given to an institute by the higher authorities to show that the particular college or university does meet relevant academic standards.

Faculty of the college

Faculties in a particular business administration college do not play the role of teachers alone. They are the ones who have to guide and to assist you in reaching your goals in career as well as to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. They should be skilled enough to rectify your weaknesses and help you to think on how to tackle tricky situations in the future. So one must research well and find out which is the best institution with the best faculty.

Convenient locality

While choosing a college for your MBA course, you must make sure you pick the one which is near your residence. In short, the location you choose must help you in limiting the time you take for reaching your college. Since the MBA course is a very costly affair, you need not spend too much on travel and stay, if you prefer college hostels for the same.

Reputation of the institute

An MBA degree should be achieved from a reputable collage. The reputation of the college does matter since quality education comes from reputable institutions. Students from reputable institutions are given special preference for jobs than those who are from ordinary institutions.


A major factor which one has to see while choosing a college for the MBA course is to check on the placement record of that particular institution. The standard of a particular institute is shown in its placement record. Before joining a particular college, make sure you do sufficient research for records regarding placement.

Facilities of the institution

MBA colleges must have certain facilities which help a student to study the right way. It should have an excellent library with the latest books regarding the course. The college must provide its students with internet facility for the purpose of study. Make sure that the college has the specialization option of your choice.


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