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The World of Business Wisdom in Dr. Charles’ Vision



February 2013
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It sometimes becomes hard to believe how hard facts and reality of the business world can be presented so simply and inter-disciplinarily. That’s is exactly what the students of UnitedWorld School of Business-Ahmedabad experienced, courtesy a wonderful lecture conducted by international fame Dr. Charles Savage.

On September 9, 2013, Dr. Charles Savage was introduced and presented to the students of UWSB-A by renowned management guru Dr. Shailesh Thaker. Taking the students and faculties through a mesmerizing roller coaster ride of business wisdom through innumerable perspectives, Dr. Savage highlighted the value of Indian literature that has long contributed to the management world the ‘strategies of effective management’.

He touched upon the concept of Business Wisdom through the works of the famous Bernard Mandeville and Adam Smith, who had pointed out in their works the dynamic mechanism of greed and corruption in an economy. Further, he briefed us on an extremely powerful skill – ‘The Art of Asking Powerful Questions’. This really infused the audience to focus on our most basic human instinct- the instinct of curiosity, the power to question and the ability to further reason- something we seem to have long forgotten in the race of competition.

The icing on the cake was when Dr. Savage elucidated the importance of preserving our present for our future- with special reference to ‘Co-creating’. This follows his present work on Co-creating the (Ac) Knowledging Economy to help us prepare for the era after the Peak Oil- where we would have to once again live in a very low carbon economy.Co-Creation

He highlights that ‘Co- Creation’ comes from tapping the wisdom from the past, successfully attending to the challenges of the present and co-creating a wiser future. This was further taken ahead with the devaluation of ‘entropy’ and replacement with what he calls ‘Syntropy’ in management.

The sparkling take-home package from Dr. Charles Savage’s enlightening lecture was the wonderful inter –disciplinary connection he presented between business wisdom and our Indian literature- of touching upon the vitality of the Battle of Kurukshetra, the Gunas, the Purusharthas, the Yoga system and most importantly the break-up of the ‘Aum’ symbol to explain the importance of attaining business wisdom.

In this monotonous schedule of routine work, Dr. Charles infused a spirit of creativity, enquiry, exceptionality and preservation of our present for the future. And all of this was dealt in the realm of laying strong foundations of business wisdom in our economy. The seminar proved to be a fresh wave of thought amidst regular practices, motivating not only the students, but also the faculty and management to ‘co-create a better system, a better environment, a better economy and a better world to live in’!

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