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Nanotech-The Next Generation Product



February 2013
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We are living in the 21st century where people are busy with their own lives. People have little time for anything, so they prefer products which are light, Textileproof 250durable, easy to maintain, and saves time. In order to solve the problem of people, researchers came up with new technology know as “nanotechnology (sometimes also know as nanotech).” Government has invested billions of dollars in this research, as it would be the future technology. The major fields in which the researchers are working are clothing sector, vehicles, medicines, space ships, satellites and robotic engineering. The chemicals which are used in nanotechnology are mainly nanoparticles and nanorods. The products which are coming out with nanotechnology are:

1. Textileproof 250 and it is based on the lotus flower. The manufacturer of this product is “Holmemkol”. Textile 250 will be acting as extremely water, oil, dirt-repellent and it is mainly used in textile and garments.

Nanofriks2. Nanofriks is a technology used in the automobiles engine to reduce fiction and thus prevent the engine from wearing out quickly. The manufacturer of this product is “Kolbenschmidth pierburg.

3. Silvagard is used for development in the area of anti-infective solutions to improve the feeicacy and reduce the medical device related to infections. The manufacturers of this product is “Acrymed”

Thus, there are a few questions which could shoot up, is this technology user friendly, is it viable for the consumers, would it bridge the gap for which it has been created? Perhaps, we need to wait and watch, keeping our finger crossed Being optimistic and hoping for the best is all this generation is looking forward to when we talk about “NANOTECH”

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By –Pooja Agarwal

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