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October 2010
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Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent direction and skillful execution, it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William A Foster

Unitedworld very much believes and follows what William Foster said. It believes in giving the best and making the best. Quality is the rigorous hard work of many people to get one result. It is the hard work of many years and of many people that Unitedworld is among the top B-Schools today. It has never compromised in quality, be it students, faculties, training imparted to students, course contents provided to students, campus, food, etc. It believes in doing things differently, keeping the needs of the students as the main focus. Its first commitment to being different starts with concentration on sharing learning and developing knowledge rather than only focusing on teaching the subject.

The course contents are developed after extensive research and consultation with the industry leaders and seniors, so that we know we are delivering the best to the expectations of various sectors in industry. Unitedworld makes quality mangers for the various industries. Unitedworld is one of the few institutes that are focused on quality of education and skills that will be imparted for building a long term sustainable career for its students. This can be seen not only in the infrastructure of the college but along with it also in the quality of the full time faculties placed in the college. Students at Unitedworld experience rigorous exposure to proficient education and are familiarized with the requirements of a challenging work life to equip them with building skills. The faculties are comprised with a fine balance of people with exposure to industry experience and academicians. It strives to understand the hidden talents and potentials of the students and innovate to augment their performance.

There is a series of CEO Lecture series arranged for the students so that they can understand the industry and the sectors in it. These lecture series are arranged for the betterment of the student knowledge. Students get complete knowledge on the industry type and the requirement of these industries. We have CEO’s of prominent organizations who share their experience and discuss the real life case-lets, share growth and slumps situations and their personal leadership story. This helps youngsters to gain a realistic outlook about leadership and management. Doing your MBA Degree from Unitedworld will give you exposure to a lot more things. Students have the choice of doing their MBA from Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Students can even do their MBA from Singapore, which is our International Campus. All the Campuses provide the students with the same facility and have the best of faculties.

We also have visiting faculties from IIM. Here at Unitedworld we believe that students are the seeds that are sown in the first year, the plant is grown in two years and the fruit of this is out at the end of the second year. Therefore we sow these seeds with outmost care and water them with complete knowledge about the market and the industry so that when the fruit is in market all want it. We all know that if a plant is not watered regularly it dries, so we don’t miss it for even once to have good and sweet fruits, because once they are trees they would not require the water on regular basis, same goes for the students, it’s like just upgrading the knowledge as per the market and industry needs and requirements. Students are plants who require proper knowledge in the beginning and on a continuous basis; they will then become trees in two to three years once they enter the market and learn everything of the industry and the market. We at Unitedworld treat each and every student as an asset to our institute, they we believe in giving them the best knowledge in the best possible way. Placements at Unitedworld are very good and appreciable.

Recruiters from big companies are ready to take students from Unitedworld. Students are placed in big companies like: Bharat Petroleum,, Reliance, ABB, Kotak Bank, Aditya Birla Group, Essar, Adani, etc. There are more than 65 Companies that recruit students from Unitedworld, because of the knowledge and skills that are developed in the students in their two year program With many years of research and study Unitedworld has delivered the best to the students and has formed group of professional teachers out which some are full time, available to students for problem solving, etc.


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