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Change……The only Truth of Life



October 2010
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As humans, we are subjected to change. Change is in every area and in everyone’s life. In my opinion this is one factor, which targets everything without being partial. No one can resist change. If at all they do, it ultimately leads to a situation where they are way behind than all others.

Change is nothing but being flexible in your approach, in your actions, decisions and the way you look at things. Change is allowing new things to replace the old and worn out ones. Change is embarking on a new journey with a fresh view. Change is looking at the same thing but every time finding a new feature in it. Change brings freshness in and leaves you awestruck even though you encounter the same thing. Change demands one to leave the old paths and step into the new shoes and start on a new journey.

Then, why it happens so that change is resisted more than accepted? Why one is against letting go of his adopted opinions and taking up new ones?  Is it our comfort level or our low self-esteem which asks us not to step out of the zone we are in? Or, it is the fear of not being able to adapt easily to the changed flow of life?

Yes, change is difficult. It gets tougher when it targets the way a person views things or the way he or she understands the happenings. When one is faced by a situation which demands a new method of dealing or a new look out, one becomes doubtful of his capabilities. Some do face new challenges but most of us step back feeling that probably we will not be welcomed by the success. The fear of being failure at the end howls us over with such intensity that our self-belief comes crashing down. We go into a dip from where no force can pull us out. We put all our efforts in how can we stop the new change and how can we avoid facing the situation. We try to find an escape from the situation by saying that it is against our principles.

But, Life follows no principle apart from the principle of change.  If we want a smooth flow in life, than we need to walk hand in hand with change. We need to adopt a strategy which allows us to go with the flow and not against it. So, what is this so called strategy? The strategy is nothing but being FLEXIBLE in everything. Flexibility helps even when the whole world seems to be against us. It works even when nothing seems to be working.

A flexible person can get his way through any situation because he can mould himself and adopt views which will be new to him. Some people feel that flexibility is about being weak and being less confident. But it is not so. Only a confident individual can mould himself as per the situation. Only a flexible person can come out with flying colors. Victory embraces the one who can cross maximum hurdles and hurdles can be crossed only when the body and its movements are not rigid.

Even in situations which are quite familiar to us, our ability to change ourselves becomes our greatest support. It allows us to make use of resources which were not accessible earlier due to our rigidity. It makes us approachable to others and others to us. With each step of growing flexibility, our confidence increases. We grow more faithful in our ability to deal with adversities. Things start looking favorable and we put more and more efforts to make things work for us.

Flexibility is just like being water. Water has no shape of its own. It moulds itself according to the vessel you pour it in. This quality of water makes it flow constantly and thus, it remains pure i.e. away from impurities.  It can’t be crushed and its existence is never threatened. The same applies to us. If we want to remain in flow as water, than it is essential that we adopt a flow in our approach and action. All of us can get the best of all situations only if we can maintain a flow. Flow of thoughts, flow of emotions, and flow of actions brings inner peace and relaxation in life. Everything seems easy and each one of us feels ready to conquer the world.

Our existence demands a lot of efforts on our part, which are only possible if we are free from all inner burdens. Nobody can walk with load on his shoulders; otherwise he won’t be able to cover his journey and will leave it halfway through. One can only receive new things if his inner being is free from all the old stuff.

About Author:

Purnima Gupta – Assistant Manager, Centre for Career Coaching
Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad

Unitedworld  School of Business is formed by a group of India born economists, academicians and top executives, offers MBA in Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.  This B school provides 1-2 Years full-time MBA programs with India’s first multilayer placement cell. It offers MBA in Marketing, HR, Information Systems, International Business, Retail Management, Agribusiness, Media, Entrepreneurship and Finance.


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