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Opportunities in an Emerging Market: An MBA Profile



October 2010
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“There exists limitless Opportunities in every industry. Where there is an Open mind there will always be a frontier” by Charles F Kettering

If you are holding an MBA Degree then this is the biggest Opportunity for you. Your MBA Degree itself is an Opportunity for you; the only difference is that like others it will also come to your door step you just need to grab the correct one. Don’t let anyone else eat your share of cake!

It is usually said that “slow and steady wins the race” but don’t be too slow that you lose all chances of coming first. In the world of opportunity it “first comes first” scenario. If you grab the opportunity first you get it first. Like life you get a second chance here also…if you have missed one try for the next one, but if you keep missing them you have to miss them for life.

Talking about opportunity, the fact that you are an MBA sets you apart from the crowd. You are like that one bright star seen separately among the thousand stars, so the opportunity will definitely come first to you. Every great company needs an MBA. As a rule more qualification means more opportunities for you in your career, and this is a fact for the MBAs. Your MBA Degree is like a pastry or cream of the pastry, the fresher it is, the more tasty, glamorous, appealing, and influential it will be. This degree is not like wine. The older the wine the better it tastes. The longer you wait to sell yourself as an MBA, the difficult it will be to substantiate yourself and achieve what you had desired for.

The opportunities for an MBA are increasing in huge numbers. Today, every employer wants an MBA in his company for to major reason: one, because he wants a highly qualified staff and two, because he knows that an MBA professional will have better solutions to his problems than anyone else. The case studies that you have done during your two year training programs equip you so much that it’s not a big deal to find a good paying job. If there is an MBA without a job then it’s entirely because of him only, the degree or the college is not responsible. When 95 out of a 100 students are placed in good companies with good salaries then the 5 could also be placed but their non-confidence and hesitance might have been a major drawback. So we cannot say because of the few that MBA is not of use. In fact being an MBA is really important today.

An MBA has more opportunities compared to the other post graduate students. Do you know why? It’s because an MBA can adjust himself in any situation compared to the other post graduate students. In every field be it finance, retail, banking, marketing, pharmaceutical industry all prefer to have an MBA in their organization. If you have done Engineering and an MBA after that, your chances to get a better job with a better salary will be more compared to being only an Engineer. I don’t say Engineers have lost their value but an added qualification of being a BE with MBA adds more value and gives a boost to your career.

Today if you see there is a rush in students to prepare for the entrance exams and get good scores so that they get admission in a good MBA College. At times there is shortage of seats for these exams, because the value of an MBA Degree has reached so high that all want to have an MBA Degree. People are even ready to leave their hometowns and move to different places for two to three years to do their MBA. When people search for B schools, their search starts with B schools in India because they want to go to the best B school and achieve the best knowledge.

The better the b school the higher the value of an MBA in this Emerging and better the opportunities.


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