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Growth- The beginning and the final destination



August 2010
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Moving, growing or rising, do they sound same or you can differentiate them from each other? For many of you, they may sound like synonyms but to me, all 3 have an importance in our lives. We all wish to grow, we want to achieve and more desirably, we want to prove ourselves in the eyes of people around. Right since the time as a child, we are taught to focus on one thing only i.e. achieve and to get that, compete and try to overcome the hurdles faster and effectively than others.  We learn, unlearn and relearn in order to win.

For a long time now, I have been questioning my thoughts; my thoughts on my growth, my ways to grow further and my final destination of growth. There has been a constant inner dialogue which can be taken as a conflict too because the way people term their growth is nowhere in coherence with the actual meaning of growth.

Many of the readers would like to know my views about growth. Honestly, growth for me is a wholesome development of any individual. May it be in terms of career development, or transition from one relationship to another or in terms of understanding the eternal flow of energy? And I feel that our system fails to answer these questions. Growth is far beyond the regular studies, results and job. It is a term for holistic development of every individual in all the areas of his life, internal or external. The cycle of growth is incomplete till we acquire equilibrium in our life. Our inner peace, harmony and our quest for achievements has to be in sync with our ultimate purpose. We should strive to grow in a way where at the end of the road, we can relish our journey and proudly say that we have achieved the goal.

Whatever we do, must have a purpose of growth attached to it. Every step that we take, should help us grow and bridge the gap between our real-self and ideal-self. Our each and every action is justified only when it helps us in reaching closer to our very own being. That is the sole purpose of our existence and we are capable of attaining it.

As it goes that Life is change and growth is optional. It is up to us what choice we make. We have to make a choice between things easily available and leading nowhere or things available with a challenge and lead us to eternity. I strongly believe in the following words-


About Author:

Purnima Gupta – Assistant Manager, Centre for Career Coaching
Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad

United World – School of Business is formed by a group of India born economists, academicians and top executives, offers MBA in Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.  This B school provides 1-2 Years full-time MBA programs with India’s first multilayer placement cell. It offers MBA in Marketing, HR, Information Systems, International Business, Retail Management, Agribusiness, Media, Entrepreneurship and Finance.


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