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June 2010
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Environment Day: It’s a new beginning

Green is the word for the day or I think for the days to come. Everyone is talking green and some are really trying to turn the atmosphere green by taking various initiatives. Believe me…. Each initiative has got its own value because all the big achievements start with a step.

As a child, I was lucky enough to have a life where I was introduced to a lot of greenery around. And this early introduction to nature developed a new love in me, Love for Mother Nature. I am sure of one thing that although we all are responsible for the degradation of natural resources around, yet no one of us really wishes to have that.

On the occasion of world environment day, June 5, everyone contributed in their own ways to make this world a better place to live in. Some planted trees, some pledged for the lifetime to stop deforestation and some of them adopted trees.

Amongst many initiatives, Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad, also took up plantation to contribute to the campaign. The small space in the front area of the building was chosen to plant the trees. Also, some potted plants were kept at the terrace to make it environment-friendly.

Students and other members of the Unitedworld family welcomed this initiative and shared their views. Some students were really happy and expressed their opinions by saying that the initiative is a small step in the direction of making earth green.

“World Environment Day is to remind the citizens across the world about the progress that has been made in slowing down the degradation of natural sustenance. It instills a thought to fight for a greener future. According to me every day must be the World Environment Day”, said one of the students.

Another student quoted that Man is a child of his environment one must save one’s parent by growing more Trees and make the future secure for next generation.

Food for Thought:

On June 5, the newspapers were flooded with the news of environment day happenings and urged people to wake up to the need of the hour. Have we grown so insensitive to nature that we are to be reminded by newspapers and news channels that we need to do something to save this nature? Well, it’s time to think.

Written by – Purnima Gupta  Assistant Manager, Centre for Career Coaching
Unitedworld School of Business


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