MBA admission in Gujarat is increasing in recent times







Gujarat is now a well known name in AICTE approved MBA study. Students from all over the state are very keen to come in the professional field .Ahmedabad being the center point of the MBA course. Good opportunists are focused to the graduate students to choose management study to fulfill the demand of management personnel in quick expanding industry & trade in this state.

In this present scenario, most of the students are focused on doing professional courses or vocational courses in order to get good jobs in future. Not only that they are also want to get quality education which will help them to understand the current scenario and the market condition.

There are huge number of MBA institutes that are growing rapidly in Ahmedabad. Many well known institutes have come up which impart quality education as well as placements support to the students. These states have so many good names associated with the management courses and they are contributing much to cater professionals in management field in this state. Business is growing fast in the state & the students in the graduation level are welcomed to accept the opportunities to study MBA to place themselves in the corporate field.


7 Essential Skills Every MBA Grads Should Possess



Every MBA aspirant has some dream objective to fulfill. But in order to achieve that objective and dream, they need to develop certain skills. Though most the students who apply for management courses generally possess these qualities but there are some students who do not possess these qualities and for that they need to work upon them.

Once a student completes his management course successfully, they try their luck in the job market. But in this competitive market and situation, the main aim of any student is not only to get a job but to save that job. If one wants to go to the top in the industry then there are certain skills they to need develop.

The following are the skills.

  • Basic business knowledge

A management course should prepare students in a way so that they can understand the basic functional aspects of business; Students should have the basic knowledge in finance, marketing, economics, management etc.

·         Communication skills

A communication skill plays the key role in a business. If a student can’t communicate then he or she will not be able to excel in his work life. They should know how to express their ideas thoughts in a way that can influence the person

·         Ability to utilize information

As we know that information is very much important for any person. A student should have the skill to gather information from various sources and then they should be able to take decisions on the basis of that.

·         Social responsibility

In present situation it is very much essential for all the professionals to be aware of how their decisions affect individuals in their workplace. So they should know how to behave and what kind of decisions they need to take so that it can have a positive effect on the organization

  •   Teamwork

Teamwork means that one needs to work together, one should have the quality to accept new ideas and should have the ability to accept new ideas and should try to formulate those ideas.

  • Problem-solving

MBA graduates need to take the time to understand a situation, identify the issue and think strategically before solving a problem.

  • Leadership

 One should develop leadership skills because in an organization if you are in a good position then you should have some leadership skills to influence the workers.


These are the skills one should possesses before they start their career and should keep on improving those skills because in future that will help them to prosper in their worklife.






How Sony beat Microsoft using this Basic Marketing Mix Business Tool




Microsoft announces details of next release for Xbox One. Sony announces details of next release for PlayStation 4. Both new product descriptions had some unique features and benefits.  [Xbox will seem to appeal to a more broad audience with more entertainment options; PS4 will seem to be more powerful and more gamer-centric but will also include movie, music and video services that can stream across its platforms. Both console products are similar looking with Sony winning with an edge on its slightly more sleek, appealing design.]



Price can be a deciding factor. The release of the price for each console is a large component in how these companies’ target audiences reacted.

Xbox: $499
PS4:  $399


Both products will be sold through similar distribution channels (entertainment-related outlets) and available in time for the 2013 year-end (Christmas) holiday shopping.

This is where it gets interesting. Last February, Sony promoted a teaser of information letting people know the PS4 is forthcoming.  In May, Microsoft promotes more than just a teaser, offering product details (with news about limiting game usage) that create negative rumours and press. This simmers for a month, without any meaningful Microsoft response, then people later find out the rumours are true. Both companies officially released their new product details at a key industry event (E3 press conferences in Los Angeles, CA). By the way, Sony held its press conference nine hours following the Microsoft press conference.

Xbox: New games and features with limited usage. [Users will need to connect to the internet every 24 hours for games to work (limits offline gaming time). User accounts can be used on other consoles to access libraries, though only with an hourly internet check. Also, new limits in how users can share games with friends and, responding to privacy concerns, its Kinect sensor will limit how it records conversations during play.]







With the growing demand of professionally managed  persons in corporate business in Kolkata, students are much inclining to choose AICTE  approved colleges to do the MBA course to get well placed in job arena. At present there are many- schools which are offering a comprehensive but effective course to the students to confer management degree.AICTE approved B- schools in Kolkata can be the proper destination to the aspirants to find quality management study. 

AICTE approved colleges in Kolkata provide quality education, facilities as well as faculties belong from prominent institutes. They guide the students in an effective way  so that they can perform well in the corporate life.

Students selected in management jobs. Students are required to get 50% marks in graduation with valid cat, mat score to get entry in this MBA course Students also can try to find other AICTE approved colleges. Students get huge amount of choices which help them to decide in which colleges they can apply  and can pursue management course in Kolkata.There are other MBA colleges in the city for the students of eastern zone to study the course in Kolkata.

Relaunch of Frooti-The ‘Digen Verma’ Campaign: Who is Digen Verma







ImageThere was no getting away from him. A poster at a bus stop in Chennai asked, “Will Digen Verma be in the next bus?” Or, when watching a movie; there was bound to be an interruption all of a sudden with a handwritten message saying, ‘Digen, your car is being towed’. And, outside in the car park, almost all the cars had stickers on them saying, ‘Digen Verma was here.’ In many commercial places in metros and even far off places like Simla, there were footmarks accompanied by the mysterious words ‘Digen Verma was here’ pasted. There were rumours galore about ‘Digen Verma’ and his identity. Some thought it was a campaign for the launch of some new fashion label, while others thought Digen Verma he was a philanthropist.

The enigma called ‘Digen Verma’ was everywhere, in buses, film halls, colleges, cyber cafes and shopping malls. ‘JUST who is Digen Verma?’ That’s what the nation seemed to be have been wanting to know. In the 15 days that the campaign lasted in (February 2001), Digen Verma seemed to have become the most talked about faceless name in the country.


The ‘Digen Verma’ promotion campaign was one of the most interesting and innovative teaser campaigns ever made in India. Designed and executed by Everest Integrated Communications (Everest), it was a series of teaser campaigns launched by Parle Agrochemicals1 for its mango drink Frooti, which aroused the curiosity of the public, especially teenagers.

The campaign seemed to have been successful in evoking tremendous interest. Everyone was curious to know who Digen Verma was, or whether he was just a fictitious character.

Web Advertising and Marketing in recent times


Today most of the websites generate revenues from advertising or indirectly we can say that advertising is the secret for the success of any website. Advertising through internet is the most suitable way to promote one’s brand. Web advertising should be valued in terms of the value of the business it generates from the new users it attracts to one’s site.

The first thing is different sites are asking one to pay a fee to subscribe if someone wants to be a part of that website.

Advertisements on internet are increasing more and more. There are now pop-up ads, ads that play music and sound tracks etc.

The second trend is true and we can notice almost every time we open any site. Websites generally sell virtual things. This includes mainly three activities.


Selling content and information: It mainly deals with selling of digital music to news and information.  Some of these sites are funded by subscriptions.

Selling experience and participation in a virtual community: It includes sites like Flickr, facebook, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn

Selling accessories for virtual communities: It includes selling of homes, furniture etc online.


There are various advantages of web advertising, but before giving advertisement on web one need to consider certain factors. The benefits one can get after giving advertisements on website are as follows.

Reach More Customers

In order to spread awareness of one‘s company advertising on web can be a good option. For example Individuals who like to do shopping online will visit various websites and this help the companies to get huge number of customers. One can offer online discount coupons to encourage the customers to visit the website regularly and to do online shopping.

Cost Effectiveness    

There are many companies who have limited marketing budget, in that case they can opt the option of web advertising which offers several free or low-cost means of marketing. For example pay per click with search engines are relatively inexpensive.

Personal Touch        

Companies can create an option of personal relationship with the current and potential customers. For example one can ask the customers to write testimonials for them which will allow the visitors to know about the company.

Internet as an advertising medium is today ahead of TV, newspaper etc. Today most of the marketers consider internet advertising as an integral part of marketing and through internet advertising one can reach both new and existing customers.





Before giving presentations in front of public, how one does generally feels? .Most of them feel nervous because they have to deliver their presentation in front of so many people. But one can overcome this nervousness if one is well prepared with his or her content and if he or she is confident enough to give presentation. There are many people who feel comfortable and relaxed while giving presentation in front of the public, but everyone can learn these techniques by increasing their level of confidence. One needs to put some time and effort to develop this skill. Now there are certain rules which one can follow before giving the presentation.

  • Before preparing the presentation one needs to be very clear about the topic on which he ir she will be speaking . One should be confident about the message that he or she wants to send to the public.
  • While preparing the presentation one should take care of the visuals. They should match with the text that one is placing in the presentation.
  • Before presenting one need to practice until he or she speaks fluently or comfortably
  • One should make sure that the content of the presentation should be such so that it attracts the audience attention.
  • It should give scope to the audience to ask questions
  • While answering the questions, one should be very confident and clear
  • While giving presentations one should take care of the facial expressions and eye contact because it helps to remain engaged with the audience.

These are certain golden rules which one should keep in mind. Good presentation skills can help one to go a long way in his or her professional life.


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